Race Recap: 2012 Iron Girl Duathlon, Bloomington, MN, 9/23/12

I shut the front door behind me. I didn’t want to wake the dog or Sean, who were both sleeping, so I tried to be as quiet as I could be as I wrangled the bike through the porch door and skipped down the steps.  With a sharp intake of breath as the coldness of the air registered on my lips,  I wheeled the bike down the front walk and toward the waiting bike rack mounted on my car, parked across the street. 

I put down the helmet, water bottle, and my gear bag, and prepared to load the bike onto the bike rack.  As I began to lift the bike, I paused, then put the bike down on the ground.  I suddenly remembered that there were little glitches in shifting in my last race, and I hadn’t taken the bike in.  Better to check and see if it was working well enough now — I still had time to wake Sean up to help me if I needed it.  I turned the bike away from the car and threw my leg over it.  Headlights illuminated my way, as a taxi turned around at the top of the hill.  As the light faded, I rode into the darkness, testing the shifting.  I circled back, confident that the bike would get me through the race.

I loaded the bike onto the rack, and smiled as I stepped back, the excitement starting to finally build.  I had been anxious over this race.  The post-marathon blues hadn’t really abated since mid-July, and I hadn’t trained for this race the way I’d thought I would.  I was not at all excited about the race in the days leading up to the event, though packet pickup eased my mind a little.  I didn’t know the course, and hadn’t participated in an event from this group before.  But it was race morning, and I was determined to fake it till I made it.  I didn’t do very much faking, as it turned out.

I loaded the rest of the gear into the car, and saw the time on the clock inside the car:  5:20 am.  Time to go.  I was leaving earlier than usual, but I figured I’d rather be early, with the unfamiliar location.  It was still dark, and there were few cars on the road.  As I eased the Audi around the ramp from 62W to 100S, a car went by on Hwy 100 with a bike on the back.  I smiled, noticing that almost all the vehicles I saw going south-bound had a bike on the back, or race distance stickers, or both (including me).

I parked the car, and found where I needed to go.  I was a little more than 2 hours from my wave start.  2 hours with nothing to do but wait in the cold. I had my bike racked and my gear set up in about 5 minutes.  A few minutes later, I had a text from Amy… she was just a few rows away.  I chit-chatted with the women racked near me, and talked to Amy for a little bit before she went to find her mom. 

I watched the sun rise over Normandale Lake Park. Absolutely stunning.  All of my early morning wake-up calls, for training or racing, mean that I get to see the sunrise, which is one of my favorite things. 

Finally, they kicked us out of transition, and we waited near the start line, waiting to line up for our wave.  Waves were supposed to start every 5 minutes.  After wave 2 started, I realized I needed a potty stop, so I went to get in line.  After wave 3 started, the announcer said they were going to wave starts every 3 minutes to cover the late start for the race.  A few of us in wave 5 asked if we could cut, since our wave was coming up.  We made it to our start line, and we were off.

The sun had cleared the horizon and warmed us up as we crested the 1st hill and started to head down toward the trail around the lake.  It was a relatively flat course, and I clearly was cold and wanted to warm up, since I finished the first 2 mile run in 23:15!  I felt pretty strong, but I knew my test for the day would be the bike.

I came into transition, changed into my Keens (still haven’t practiced enough with the bike shoes to clip in… next year!) for something with a more solid sole, and walked my bike out to the mount line.  I could have run, but I wanted to catch my breath.  A minute or two makes no difference when you’re in the back of the pack.

I hopped on the bike and set off.  I’ve done 30-mile days before on the bike, but that was ride 5 miles, wait 30-45 min, ride 14 miles, wait 30 min, ride 5 miles, ride 8 hours, ride 8 miles.  I’ve done 15 and 18 miles on the bike continuously before, but not 22.8.  I knew that I could do it, though, if I just kept a positive attitude.

The first loop was hard, mostly because I was unfamiliar with the course and I did not train on hills.  Lesson learned.  I thanked all the police officers who blocked traffic and kept us safe, and thanked all the volunteers along the way.  I finished loop 1 in about 58:30.  I did not Gu or drink water in transition 1, so I was really feeling hungry by the time I came through to start the second loop.  I stopped at the base of one of the 1st hills on the second loop to take a Gu and drink some of my sports drink.  Then I proceeded through the rest of the course.  I think the familiarity of the loop the second time through had me going faster:  I stopped to fuel/drink for about 3 minutes, but I finished the bike ride in 1:56.13, which would mean another 58 minute loop… but it was only about 53-54 minutes of biking! And now I know I need to train on hills for next year.

Transition #2 was about 3 minutes long, long enough to throw on my running shoes and head out.  I walked out again, mostly because my hamstrings were really tight from the bike.  I shuffled through the second run, enjoying the warmth of the sun and what a beautiful day it had turned out to be.  I could hear the finish line growing closer and closer, and tried to run my run intervals and use the walk intervals to keep me moving.  Finally, we emerged onto the trail running parallel to the finish line, and I just ran.  There were people cheering on the trail, and when I rounded the corner onto the finish chute, there were even more people cheering.  I didn’t have a lot of gas left in the tank, but I saw and heard Mel, and I picked up the pace.  I crossed the finish line in 2:53.06.  I had earned the title of Iron Girl.

 You all know I love to do races for the medals and t-shirts, right?  So it’s no surprise that this beauty helped me finish the course!

 This happy girl is just happy to be finished with 26.8 miles.  I love multisport because it requires different physical and mental skills to get through the run and bike and run again. 

I can’t wait to do this race next year!

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7/30/12 – Marathon Weight Loss Weigh-In

6/20/12:  164.4 lbs. – starting weight for the challenge

6/25/12:  164.6 lbs.

7/2/12: 165.6 lbs.

7/9/12: 163.2 lbs.

7/16/12: 169.2 lbs.

7/23/12: 165.4 lbs.

7/20/12: 165.0 lbs.

Weekly weight gain/(loss): -0.4 lbs.

Total weight gain/(loss): +0.6 lbs.

Sure, I still haven’t lost any weight at almost halfway through the challenge, but I went to Oshkosh for the 2012 EAA AirVenture show from Thursday through Sunday, and I lost weight for the week!  I’ll take it.  I did strive for mindfulness.  I did not deprive myself (hello, ice cream every day!), but I did try to be mindful of my eating.

I did manage to get a bike ride in here in Minneapolis on Monday, but that was about it for duathlon training workouts last week.  I did walk 3-5 miles each day for 3 days at Oshkosh, most of that with a 30# backpack on my back, so there was activity. Oshkosh may be a vacation, but it’s not one of rest and relaxation. :)

I’m exhausted from Oshkosh, so I’ll be adjusting my training schedule this week to give myself the day off today.  I’m going to go home and be a lump on the sofa, if my dog will let me. :)

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Official Grandma’s Marathon Photos

Yesterday, Jen posted about how hard it can be to get back into the swing of things post-marathon.  It’s all too easy to “take it easy,” since you just achieved such a monumental goal. 

I’m glad that I had the late-August duathlon scheduled, so it at least kept me trying to hit a workout plan.  The last few weeks have been rough, but they would have been, post-marathon or not. 

Still, I’m finding it tough to get myself up at 5 am to get my workout in before work, and frequently, the time period between 3 and 6 pm is my most painful of the day in terms of fibro flare-ups, so it’s usually tough to crank myself up for a workout after 6 pm (usually not home till 5:45pm). 

Last night, thanks to Jen‘s post, I remembered that I had ordered my marathon photos, but had not yet downloaded them.  When I looked at them, I rememembered all the emotions, and the strength, and the perseverance, and the dedication.   And I realized:  even a fraction of my scheduled workout for the day is better than no workout.  At least taking the dog for a walk, which she definitely needs.  Sean was a doll and spent a couple of hours fixing the power supply on the treadmill in the basement so that I can use it again.  Even if I just go downstairs and walk for a half-hour, that’s better than nothing.  I often find that if I can just get changed into workout gear, I’ll go workout.  Maybe that’s the thing: come home and change out of my work clothes and into workout gear.  That should help. :)

So, here are my marathon photos.  I was a hot mess that day, fashion-wise.  I look like a goofball (but I had enough water for 26.2 miles, so I’ll sacrifice what little fashion sense I have for practicality).  Still, the smile on my face after I got my medal is priceless, as is the emotion on my face at the finish line.

Before the race, with a Canadian mother-and-daughter marathon walking duo from Thunder Bay, Ontario, who finished 2 minutes ahead of me.  I need to learn to walk faster! (I know how to racewalk… just didn’t have the stamina to do it at the end of the race!).  The exposure is blown out, but it’s the best I’ll look in any of these photos!


Out on the course with Sarah, who kep me going for most of the last 10 miles.


Smiling as I traverse the last 0.2 miles, in the best finisher’s chute I’ve ever seen (with Sean valiantly running beside me, though you can’t see him in the photos…).  I had several points in the chute where I was having to choke back tears… it was very emotional.

At the finish line, filled with relief that I was done, amazement that I’d made it, and pride in my achievement (cue the tears, immediately after this photo was taken).

Finally finished with 26.2 miles, and finally composing myself for a smile after a few tears of joy.  The gentleman behind me in the red was part of a husband/wife team walking the marathon, both in red shirts.  They were ahead of me for quite a while, but I sprinted (or what passed for sprinting, after that many hours on the course) at the end.  Still, they helped keep me on course near the end, before Sean found me and walked & ran me into the finish.

And a photo op with Sarah (who was probably relieved she didn’t have to hear about my dog anymore, after 7-8 miles walking with me).

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a month since the marathon.  If I can manage to get my weight/fitness level under control and manage a faster pace over longer miles and avoid tendonitis flareups, I would love to do another marathon.  It was an amazing experience.  So, if I don’t manage to lose any more weight or get faster or avoid the tendonitis flareups for the last 10 miles, I’ll stick w/ half-marathons as my long distance, and fondly remember my marathon.  It may have taken me 6:46:57, but I completed a marathon before the course limit, and I’ll always smile when I think about hearing the crowd cheering as I approached the finish line.

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Healthy Surprise!

I am susceptible to peer pressure.  If someone tells me about something awesome that they tried, I want to try it.  I don’t always feel like I can either because of time or money or ability, but I generally want to try it.  So, as you might guess, when the wonderful Tara posted about Healthy Surprise and their monthly snack subscription boxes, I wanted to try them. And I figured having snacks arrive monthly wouldn’t be the worst thing.  I’ll be less likely to be tempted by unhealthier options if I have some of these snacks at work.

I went to the website, took a look, and decided to take the plunge.  It seemed like a great way to try new foods that I could work into my eating plan.  I ordered a starter subscription that night, and my first box arrived today!

I wanted to wait until I had time to explore what was inside, so I put it on the sofa, and went to complete a couple of pre-Oshkosh tasks, get today’s scheduled bike workout in, make dinner, and take Jetta for a walk.  *whew*

Then I sorted the mail, and then it was time to see what was in the box!

Okay, so what’s inside??

And here’s the arranged version:

The list:

Alive & Radiant Foods Kale Krunch – Quite Cheesy

Sunbiotics – Truffle Almonds and Cheesy Almonds

Bare Fruit – dried pears

Hail Merry – vanilla maple almonds

Home Free – mini chocolate chip cookies

Oskri bars – coconut bar mango, coconut bar almond, sesame bar w/ date syrup and fennel

Rise energy bar – blueberry coconut

Healthy Surprise – curry nut falafel

It looks like good snacks with intelligible ingredients.  I can’t wait to try this stuff out as part of my snacks!!

Thanks so much, Tara (and Meegan), for trying this out and for the review (and for the free shipping!)!

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7/23/12 Marathon Weight Loss Weigh-In

6/20/12:  164.4 lbs. – starting weight for the challenge

6/25/12:  164.6 lbs.

7/2/12: 165.6 lbs.

7/9/12: 163.2 lbs.

7/16/12: 169.2 lbs.

7/23/12: 165.4 lbs.

Weekly weight gain/(loss): -3.8 lbs.

Total weight gain/(loss): +1.0 lbs.

Well, at least my weight has calmed down a little from last week.  I struggled again this last week with exercise, thanks to fibro symptoms, but I managed to get a few workouts in. This week’s supposed to be a rest week, which I am going to take.  I have 3 relatively easy workouts M-W, and I’ll be doing a lot of walking Thursday through Sunday at the 2012 AirVenture air show at Oshkosh, WI (and doing the Runway 5k through the air show grounds for the 3rd consecutive year, and my 2nd year w/ Sean).   Hopefully, after Oshkosh this week, I can find some relief from the fibro symptoms and get after my scheduled workouts… I only have 3 weeks of workouts left before the taper week of the Duathlon. 

Workouts for the week:

Monday, 7/16/12: McMillan Runner’s Core workout in the morning.  In the evening, biked 10.21 miles on the trainer in the basement (23 min of Spinervals workout, 34 min of pedaling while watching tv)

Tuesday, 7/17/12: no workout

Wednesday, 7/18/12: rest day

Thursday, 7/19/12: no workout

Friday, 7/20/12: no workout

Saturday, 7/21/12: Ran 1 mile while testing out new running shoes, went around Lake Harriet w/ Jetta (ran 1 mile, walked 2.6).   Also did Reebok 20 minute express stability ball workout.

Sunday, 7/22/12: Walked Jetta 1 mile, a few blocks at a time.

Weekly Totals:  Biked 10.21 miles (57 minutes), Ran/walked 4.6 miles (90 minutes).


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I’m a winner (plus, photos, photos, photos)!

I’ve still been struggling this week with fibro symptoms getting in the way of workouts.  I came home yesterday and was just so exhausted and hurting. Jetta curled up on the sofa w/ me and we napped most of the evening away.  I did get out for a few blocks’ walk with her, but that was about it.  I have some errands to run after work, and I have charted out a 3 mile course in the neighborhood that I can run and walk to get some exercise in this evening.

The scale might have gone up 6 lbs. week over week, but my marathon weight-loss contest weigh-in, as frustrating as it was, made me a winner anyway!  This week, Jess posted about CLICK Espresso Protein Drink, and noted that all of us emailing to weigh-in on Monday should include our mailing addresses if we were interested in one of 100 samples of the drink.  Lo and behold, I am one of the 100 winners!  I am looking forward to trying it!

Jess also put up a new contest this morning that I love.  The women’s track and field events are going to be held from August 3 through 12.  She’s running the Virtual Games 2012, where you compete (against yourself) to run all 8 of the women’s running events.  She says the marathon distance of 26.2 miles can be spread out among the days of the competition.  I’m running the distances, except the 5000m and the marathon, on the day of the finals of that Olympic event.  Here will be my schedule:

8/3/12 – 10,000m (6.2 miles) – no marathon miles today

8/4/12 – 100m (0.062mi) plus 3 marathon miles

8/5/12 – 400m (0.25mi) plus 3 marathon miles

8/6/12 – 3.73 marathon miles

8/7/12 – 5,000m (3.1mi) – no marathon miles today

8/8/12 – 200m (0.124mi) plus 3 marathon miles

8/9/12 – 3.73 marathon miles

8/10/12 – 1,500m (0.93mi) plus 3 marathon miles

8/11/12 – 800m (0.5mi) plus 3 marathon miles

8/12/12 – 3.74 marathon miles

This should be a fun challenge!

I got all moved into my new work cube.  It’s the cube directly behind the one I had.  It’s got a window behind it, and it’s nice to have the natural light.  It’s also slightly larger, which is always nice.  Here are photos!

This is my lovely space for 1/3 of my day!

This is the view out the window behind me.

Here is my photo wall.  Photos of Jetta, a wedding photo, a photo I shot of a Lake Michigan sunrise, and a photo of Sean when he got his private pilot license.

This is the side wall of the cube – I call this my happy wall.  Other photos and memories.

 And, finally, the photo of the day was taken yesterday.  I have been trying to teach Jetta to sit in the car when I ask her to.  I’ve been using treats to entice her to sit.  Lately, she’s been pretty good about sitting in anticipation of a treat, especially right when she gets into the car.  Usually I get my phone in its holder, set up the GPS, and as I’m ready to go, she gets a treat.  Yesterday, she hopped into the car, sat without me asking, and then laid down in the backseat, waiting.  This is the photo I managed to get (don’t ask me how!).  The ear flopped up onto the back of the passenger’s seat is what makes this so endearing.  Our Miss Jetta Puff is a good-looking doggie, that’s for sure!  She got 2 smaller treats for being patient enough to sit without asking for a few minutes AND waiting for Mama to take her photo.



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7/16/12 – Monday Marathon Weight-Loss Weigh-In

6/20/12:  164.4 lbs. – starting weight for the challenge

6/25/12:  164.6 lbs.

7/2/12: 165.6 lbs.

7/9/12: 163.2 lbs.

7/16/12: 169.2 lbs.

Weekly weight gain/(loss): +6.0 lbs. (WTF??)

Total weight gain/(loss): +4.8 lbs.

Well, it’s plain to see I won’t be losing even 13.1 lbs in 13 weeks, let alone 26.2 lbs.  I have to take it on the chin for this last week.  I didn’t do one of my planned workouts. Not one of them.  I felt like I had a low-grade cold all week, and everything hurt, and I even stayed home from work on Thursday because I just needed not to move and sleep most of the day.  I stayed w/ my eating plan, though I probably had more adult beverages at the cabin than I realized (at least I also drank a bunch of water).  Of course, it’s also That Time again, which probably does me no favors this morning.

But I got up and did a Runner’s Core workout this morning and found out how woefully out of shape my core is.  And I’m going to put my bike on the trainer and do my 57 minutes of riding this evening. 

I have to do something.  It can be walking the dog instead of running, or it can be light pedaling instead of riding as fast as I can, but I have to stay active.   It’s one of the most frustrating things about the fibro – when I least feel like moving is when I have to the most.  It’s difficult.  But I have to try to get activity in this week. 



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7/9/12: Marathon Weight-Loss Weigh-In (week 3)

6/20/12:  164.4 lbs. – starting weight for the challenge

6/25/12:  164.6 lbs.

7/2/12: 165.6 lbs.

7/9/12: 163.2 lbs.

Weekly weight gain/(loss): (2.4 lbs.) (hooray!)

Total weight gain/(loss): -1.2 lbs.

Finally!  Sean said he can see my body shape changing because of all of my healthier eating and workouts, even if the scale’s not moving downward, but mentally, it feels better to see the scale moving in the right direction.  I still didn’t hit all the workouts for the week… that Tuesday run workout seems to be the one I struggle with the most.  I ordered some McMillan DVDs that have core workouts for runners.  I suspect the Tuesday run will be replaced with the core workout, unless I manage to get off my duff tomorrow and get that Tuesday run in.  I’m less worried about the run segments of the duathlon than bike, but I should still get the workout in. Maybe this week! 

I spent a few hours yesterday in the kitchen, making up a bunch of recipes to have healthy food all prepared and ready to reheat for the week.  The farmer’s markets are booming this time of year, so there are a lot of fresh, locally grown veggies in these recipes! 

Workouts for the week:

Monday, 7/2/12: Biked 11.58 miles

Tuesday, 7/3/12: walked Jetta 1 mile

Wednesday, 7/4/12: rest day

Thursday, 7/5/12: rest day (opted to share a small piece of ice cream cake to celebrate a friend’s birthday instead of my workout. :)

Friday, 7/6/12: Did Thursday’s bike workout today.  Biked 7.34 miles to the Y and back, ran on the treadmill at the Y (3.5 miles, then the last .5mi was a series of 6 pickups in speed w/ recovery walking in between).

Saturday, 7/7/12: Ran 4.5 miles

Sunday, 7/8/12: Ran 3 miles, biked 7.71 miles.  Also walked with Sean & Jetta for 1.5 miles & 1.4 miles.

Weekly Totals:  Biked 26.63 miles (137 minutes), Ran/walked 14.47 miles (180 minutes).

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7/2/12: Marathon Weight Loss Challenge Weigh-In (week 2)

6/20/12:  164.4 lbs.

6/25/12:  164.6 lbs.

7/2/12: 165.6 lbs.

Weekly weight gain/(loss): +1.0 lbs.

Total weight gain/(loss): +1.2 lbs.

I’m hoping that next week shows some improvement.  I’m staying between 1200 & 1500 calories per day and I got in 41 miles of training, between biking and running.  I did miss one running workout, but geez.  I’m sure my body’s just being stubborn, sure that I’m starving it.  Still.  It’s frustrating. 

I’ll keep at it though.

Workouts for the week:

Monday, 6/25/12: Biked 10.3 miles

Wednesday, 6/27/12: Walked Jetta for 1 mile

Thursday, 6/28/12: Biked 7.09 mi

Friday, 6/29/12: Ran/walked 3.28 miles (3 progressively faster miles, then the last .28mi was a series of 4 pickups in speed w/ recovery walking in between).

Saturday, 6/30/12: Biked 14.68 miles

Sunday, 7/1/12: Biked 9.28 miles, ran 2 miles.  Also walked with Sean & Jetta for 1.36 miles.

Weekly Totals:  Biked 34.26 miles (184 minutes), Ran/walked 7.64 miles (104 minutes).

Just have to keep on going.  Goal this week: Do all prescribed workouts (unless injured somehow).  Plan out meals the night before and pack up lunch/snacks the night before, to avoid morning craziness.

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Food as fuel: meeting with a dietitian & the weight roller-coaster

I know I still owe you a recap of the Summerfest Rock’n Sole run.  Maybe in the next few days.  I have something else I want to talk about today.

I met with Cassie on Thursday evening.  I met up with her and her intern, Jenessa (I don’t know if I spelled that correctly!), at the lovely Aster Cafe.  It was busy, but we were able to converse pretty easily.  If I hadn’t already had dinner plans w/ Sean at home, I would have had a little something.  It looked like a good menu.

After we took care of paperwork (HIPAA form, etc.), we talked through my background, all the weight gain and loss (and gain, and loss, and gain, and loss.)  Then we went through what a “typical” day looks like for me.  As I suspected, I was pretty carb-heavy, but that wasn’t even the real issue for me.  I also suspected I was too low on fats and protein, so it was nice to have that confirmed.  But the real change in my thinking about eating is this:  I have not been eating balanced meals.  Yes, I was looking at calories and fat and protein and carbs, but I wasn’t striving to eat balanced meals, with carb, fat, and protein consumed at each meal and snack (except the one before bedtime, which has carbs and fat).

I was riding the carb train of spiking my blood sugar when I ate my oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast, having it crash before my morning snack of an apple, having it crash before lunch, usually having less of a crash (thanks to some carbs, fat, and protein) from lunch to my afternoon snack of yogurt, another crash on the way to dinner, and then less of a crash after dinner (which tended to be a little more balanced).

So, I’m now learning to think about carbs, fat, and protein with every meal and major snack.  It seems like it should be so simple, like “why didn’t I think of this or figure this out on my own?”  But I hadn’t figured it out on my own.  So, I’m glad I asked for help.

Cassie is great.  She explains things well, and definitely knows her stuff.  She’s a successful athlete, as well as a dietitian, so I feel like she understands my need to balance weight loss (and, eventually, maintenance) with training for races of various kinds.

She also recommended a multivitamin to me, was pleased to see that I am already taking vitamin D, and recommended fish oil supplements.  The multivitamin and fish oil seem to be good so far.  It’s only been a few days, so we’ll see.

Late this coming week, I should have my binder, with meal plans and recipes and other good info to refer to.  And in a couple of weeks, I’ll have a follow-up visit with Cassie, where I can ask questions and we can talk through where I am at that point and how I’m feeling.  Thanks to my friend Heidi making an appointment with Cassie after reading my blog post, I also get a second follow-up for free, for referring Heidi.  (Thanks, Heidi!).  I’ll probably do that one a couple of weeks after the first one.

I’m looking forward to working with Cassie to not only fuel my body to lose weight right now, but to fuel it for duathlons, 10k races, and half-marathons for the rest of this year.

I have a gift certificate to the Gap family of stores, and I went out this afternoon to buy some new pants for work.  About every other year, the Gap changes their pants.  A couple of years ago, they had gorgeous woven fabric pants that draped so nicely and fit me SO well.  Sadly, now, they have pants made out of this stretch fabric that does my midsection no favors.  I was disappointed in my body and in how I look right now. Then, I went to Athleta, hoping to either find some cute casual wear or nice workout wear.  No dice there either.  All the tops were form fitting in the midsection, which just calls attention to the problem-est area on my body (just above and just below my waist, where I most of my extra weight).  I did find a cute skort for running, and desperately need running bottoms, but I wasn’t sure the under-shorts were long enough, and I couldn’t find any tops to go with them.  So I just didn’t buy anything.

I won’t lie – I had tears in my eyes, behind my sunglasses, as I walked out of the store and waited at the crosswalk at 50th and France.  I felt the warm air circulate around me, felt the sting of the tears that I blinked back, so that no one would see them fall past my sunglasses.  Oh, how I wanted to walk in the other direction and get an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.  Instead, I went to Lund’s as planned, and bought myself the week’s healthy foods – deli turkey, fresh veggies, sweet potatoes, cheese, salmon, apples and berries.  I went to the Linden Hills Co-Op and bought protein powder so that I can make sure I get protein with my daily snacks.  I bought foods so that I could fuel my body to workout and to fuel a drop in this extra weight.  I thought about the week’s upcoming workouts, and how I still have the goal to get all of the week’s prescribed workouts done.

I managed to do all but one of my scheduled workouts this week (I did all the bike workouts and 2 of the 3 run workouts, including my 1st brick of the season today).  I ate reasonably at the BBQ I went to yesterday, and made sure my plate had carbs, fat, and protein on it.  I am taking the right steps, and it just takes time.  Hopefully, in a few months, I can go back to Athleta and use that gift certificate, for a cute running outfit to wow everyone back home in Maine when I (hopefully) cross the finish line of the Maine Half-Marathon in less than 3 hours.

For this afternoon, I am giving myself permission to lie on the sofa with the puppy and watch Ken Burns’ Baseball, and drink a lot of water and relax for a few hours.

If I can train for and complete a marathon, I can figure out how to properly fuel my body and lose this weight and get stronger.  It just takes some thinking and some time.  Fortunately, I have that.  And I have a lot of help and a fantastic support system.

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