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What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Continue reading

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It’s good to be back…

Oh, dreamers, it feels so good to be clawing my way back up and out of the darkness. With the time change, here in Minnesota, we received another gift – warm temperatures, including record-setting temps for this time of the … Continue reading

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Short strides and spinning

I fully intended to write an interim post before the weekend, but now even the weekend’s gotten away from me! I finally had the chance to check out the Wednesday Food Truck Court in St. Paul last Wednesday with my … Continue reading

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Run, Walk, Run, Fly, Run!

We had a houseguest staying with us fron Tuesday through Thursday last week, so we took him to one of our favorite restaurants, Pizzeria Lola.  It’s one block east and 8 blocks south of our house, and it’s generally very … Continue reading

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Victorious, indeed!

What a wonderful long weekend!  It is hard to say goodbye to summer.  It seems as if the weekend brought darker mornings in which to walk the dog and get ready for work and chillier morning temperatures.  I love fall, … Continue reading

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Musings on a Thursday morning.

I’m reading through a new acquaintance’s blog from the beginning, and found the following.  It’s a reasonablly quick explanation of much of my life.  I know I’ve read this piece before, but I don’t think I’ve ever realized just how well it … Continue reading

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Catching up is hard to do

The days keep getting away from me.  I keep wanting to write on the blog, and then the workday is a blur, and by the time I get done with workout/dog/dinner in the evening, it’s time to fall into bed, … Continue reading

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One Recipe Can Change Your Life

OMG, you guys, go read this post by Pioneer Woman RIGHT NOW.  I knew when I saw this iced coffee recipe that Sean would love it.  And he made it straightaway.  And now I am hooked. Hot coffee disagrees with … Continue reading

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Whirlwind weekend

They all seem to be, these days.  Sean and I started off the weekend with Date Night on Friday night.  The last one we did was before we got the puppy. Now that we’re all a little more acclimated, we … Continue reading

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Keeping the beat…

I can’t stop listening to my 13.1 playlist.  I made the perfect playlist and I keep listening to it because it brings a smile to my face as I remember how great I felt out there running and racewalking the … Continue reading

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