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Welcome to 2017!

Yet again, it’s been a while.  I’ve got a lot to do in 2017, so I’m going to write about it.  I want to be able to look back and see all the progress I’ve made this year. I am … Continue reading

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Run, Walk, Run, Fly, Run!

We had a houseguest staying with us fron Tuesday through Thursday last week, so we took him to one of our favorite restaurants, Pizzeria Lola.  It’s one block east and 8 blocks south of our house, and it’s generally very … Continue reading

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Victorious, indeed!

What a wonderful long weekend!  It is hard to say goodbye to summer.  It seems as if the weekend brought darker mornings in which to walk the dog and get ready for work and chillier morning temperatures.  I love fall, … Continue reading

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Catching up is hard to do

The days keep getting away from me.  I keep wanting to write on the blog, and then the workday is a blur, and by the time I get done with workout/dog/dinner in the evening, it’s time to fall into bed, … Continue reading

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Busy Weekends R Us!

So, this hasn’t been much of a running blog, as I haven’t been doing much running.  I have a mysterious hip injury that’s plaguing me that I really need to go see the doctor about, since I have a half-marathon … Continue reading

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Hello November!

I’m not sure where the time is going, honestly.  I’m 45 days away from my next race, the Polar Dash 10K (if they ever open registration for it).  This past weekend, I finally reached another milestone – 31 pounds gone since … Continue reading

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Wahoo, it’s here!

Well, I’ve finished my C25k training.  My last workout of the 28-week plan is tomorrow, when I run my first 5k race!   I can run for 30 minutes straight and mostly keep pace.  Yesterday, I jogged the warmup and cooldown, … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday, and other ramblings

*looks at calendar*  Yes, it’s Thursday.   Things I am thankful for on this Thursday: 1.  Central air at home – After spending almost 2 years in a loft in downtown Minneapolis with ineffective window a/c units, having central air … Continue reading

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Another beautiful weekend…

We had a great weekend!   Sean came home from Boston late Friday afternoon, and we headed to Salut, at 50th & France, for dinner.  We had a gift card, and decided to go have a nice dinner.  We hadn’t seen … Continue reading

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Drive-by Update!

I’ve been posting weekly workout recap posts, but haven’t been keeping up with regular journaling.  I just haven’t made the time to write.  It’s been busy here at Berry Field! We went to the Great Minnesota Air Show a couple … Continue reading

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