722 days to go….

Well, per the schedule I put forth yesterday, I needed to get in my second workout of the week on Thursday.  Because I procrastinated on Tuesday, I didn’t do that workout till Wednesday.  I think it was probably good for me to run 2 days in a row, to show that I can do it. :)

Besides, I promised Kat that I’d meet her at the Y this morning (planning for Tuesdays and Thursdays going forward).  Because she goes to the gym later than I normally would, I got to sleep till my normal time, then got up, pulled on my workout gear, and headed out to the Y.

This is a different Y than my home gym, so it was fun to see a new gym.  They have a nicely renovated space, and it was time to do the workout of the day.

Today’s workout was:

3 min warmup walk (14:00/mi pace)

5 min warmup run (12:30-13:00/mi pace)

4x400m intervals (10:30/mi pace) w/ 3 walk intervals in between (14:00/mi pace)

3 min cooldown walk (14:00/mi pace)

Total: 2.07 miles in 27:37, average 13:20/mi pace (thanks to all the walking!)

Week-to-date mileage total: 4.43

Week-to-date time total: 93.75 min (including swim class Tuesday nights)

I definitely love the early morning workouts for feeling like I’m getting my day started on the right foot.    And I know that if I stick with this, I will get stronger and faster.  It’s all about teaching my lungs that they can breathe well enough to run 11:30/mi pace for miles and miles…. but I have to work up to that.

And, hey, tomorrow’s Friday!  Looking forward to an early morning swim before work. I forgot to take a post-workout photo this morning… this will have to do (yes, a restroom-at-work shot):

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3 Responses to 722 days to go….

  1. Liz says:

    When do you guys meet and at what Y? I could use some more workout buddies.

    • Kellybee says:

      Here’s the current schedule:

      Monday – off
      Tuesday – meet Kat at Blaisdell YMCA at 6:30 am for treadmill.
      Wednesday – I need to do a fairly early before-work workout, but could do bike or rowing at Southdale YMCA instead of at home.
      Thursday – meet Kat at Blaisdell YMCA at 6:30 am for treadmill.
      Friday – swim at Southdale (get there at 5, in the pool by 5:10, out of the pool by 5:40-5:50 am).
      Saturday and Sunday – I will be doing a run one day and possibly biking the next. I can do both at home, but could possibly meet you at Southdale… depending on when. Early morning works best for me but we can discuss.

      This may not at all be compatible with your schedule, since I know you do a lot of workouts after E. has gone to bed…. and I tend to want to get mine out of the way early in the day.

  2. Manda says:

    I’m finally catching up with blogs and just wanted to say – cute outfit!

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