718 days to go… Continuous running!

If it’s Tuesday, it must be a gym morning! 

The puppy woke me up at 5 am when she snuggled up next to me because she was cold.  I dozed till 5:45, then got up and got ready to head to the Y.  I knew Kat was on her way, so it helped get me out of the house at a reasonable time.  I knew she wasn’t going to be treadmilling, but knowing she’d be at the gym at some point in my workout really did help motivate me to get moving! I got there just before 6:30 am and started in on W1D3 of the Galloway 5k app.

As it turns out, I can’t use my snazzy new Pear Sports training program because the Faster 5k program is GPS-based, with no treadmill setting.  It’s okay – they’re working on new plans that are treadmill based, and, if nothing else, I can use the Pear app in the spring when I’m running outdoors more regularly.  Until then, the Galloway app works great.

I had a d’oh moment this morning.  I was trying to figure out why the app kept suggesting that I run at a 10:00/mi pace in my workout.  Duh.  I thought I was supposed to tell the app what 5k pace I wanted to run at. So I told it between 11-12 min/mi.  Nope.  It wanted my current 5k pace so that it could set a faster pace.  So it was suggesting 10 min/mi pace as the faster pace.  I have now set it to 13 min/mi, hoping it suggests 11-12 min/mi pace. :)

I had a great workout this morning! 3 min warmup walk, run 3 miles, 3 min cooldown walk.  I ran 3 continuous miles this morning, at <12:00/mi pace!  Of course I was on the treadmill and had no incline, but still, 3 continuous miles is something I haven’t done in a very long time.

I think from here on out, I’ll either add in hills myself or use the hill setting on the treadmill, so that I train with hills to still hit my paces for when I’m back outside.

I’ve gone for nice walks later in the afternoon/early evening with Jetta for the last couple of evenings and taken some nice sunset photos.  One good thing about trying to get Jetta and myself to exercise more is the great photo opps!  After listening to the baseball game as I walked the dog on Sunday, it occurred to me that I could listen to other things through the speakers on my phone while I walk the dog.  I don’t know why this hadn’t occurred to me before.  I downloaded the podcasts app yesterday and thorougly enjoyed Alec Baldwin’s interview with Fred Armisen from a few weeks ago on Baldwin’s podcast Here’s the Thing, where he does fantastic interviews with everyone under the sun. 

Lake of the Isles, Sunday evening:


Near 50th & France yesterday evening:



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