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And saw the happy timing chip.

After the speakers and expo-shopping, we went and had a very nice pasta dinner.  I only ate the one serving, and I didn’t feel over-full, so that was nice.

After dinner, we got a small fro-yo ice cream sandwich for dessert.  Tasty!

Then it was time to put all of my gear together, and get things ready to go.  It seemed more and more real by the minute.

Then I just went out and finished a marathon.  NBD. (hah!)

We went and had pizza at Vitta Pizza, which tasted great after almost 7 hours of activity (and 2444 calories burned!).  Having Mel and Amanda there was so wonderful.  It meant a lot to me that they could be.

We went back to the hotel so that I could take a shower and relax for a few minutes.  Then we decided to go get pie.  I didn’t want pie.  I wanted more food.  I ate most of the meatloaf, a little of the potatoes, and all of the broccoli.  Totally didn’t want the bread, either.

We stayed at the Comfort Inn West at 3900 W Superior St.  They were wonderful.  They had this in the lobby when we all returned.  Mine is in the upper right corner in the box.  It says “Kelly Bee, 6:46:57. My 1st marathon. I didn’t finish last!”

The next morning, I was awake at 3:30 am because everything hurt, and let Sean sleep in. By 7 am, we were heading off to breakfast, but first, I had a mission. To put my 26.2 magnet on the car.

There was a wonderful surprise from my chosen family (love you, #f2fpack!) waiting for me when I got home.

Sean had to get ready to leave on a trip for most of the week, so once he left for the airport, I read through the special edition of the Duluth News Tribune.  Hey, there’s my name (with my gun time)!  I’m slow, but I still finished before they officially closed the finish line!

I know Jetta enjoys the boarding at her daycare, but she enjoys being at home even more.  She sacked out for the afternoon, while I caught up on the internets, and wished I had one more day off.

So, that’s the marathon photo recap.  It was an incredible weekend, and part of me feels kind of lost, in a way, now that it’s over.  When something that big is sitting ahead of you as a goal, and you achieve it, it’s strange when it’s done.  Fortunately, I have duathlon training to keep me busy, so it should be easier for me to avoid the post-marathon blues. 

I have decided that there are 2 things I need to work on in order to try for another marathon:

1.  I need to work with my PT team to see if this tendonitis that crops up in miles 13-15 can be fixed.

2.  I need to work on dropping more weight, which should allow me to go a little faster. 

I’ll share with you what I’m thinking about for #2 in a post really soon now.  For now, I’m trying to tame the runger and convince my body that it doesn’t need to eat all the things! :)


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  1. Manda says:

    I’m so glad I could be there too. You are a marathoner! Woohoo!

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