Wednesday Weigh-In 3/14/12

  • 1/1/12 weight:  163.8 lb. (oof!)
  • 1/11/12 weight: 162.2 lb. (-1.6 lb)
  • 1/18/12 weight: 160.8 lb. (-1.4 lb)
  • 1/25/12 weight: 159.8 lb. (-1.0 lb)
  • 2/1/12 weight: 162.6 lb. (+2.8 lb)
  • 2/8/12 weight: 159.6 lb. (-3.0 lb)
  • 2/15/12 weight: 164.0 lb. (+4.4 lb)
  • 2/22/12 weight 161.4 lb. (-2.6 lb)
  • 2/29/12 weight 160.0 lb. (-1.4 lb)
  • 3/7/12 weight 160.6 lb. (+0.6 lb)
  • 3/14/12 weight 162.6 lb.
  • Weekly Weight Gain/Loss: +2.0 lb.
  • Total Net Weight Gain/Loss since 1/1/12: -1.2 lb.

I wasn’t surprised to see the scale up this week.  The Sesame Chicken Incident, combined with an utter lack of exercise last week, definitely contributed. 

I had my braces adjusted yesterday, so I won’t be chewing my food for a few days.  I’m hoping to get in some exercise yet this week and hopefully see a drop next week.  In positive news, my orthodontist thinks I have 2 more adjustment appts in April and May, and then the braces will come off in June.  I’d love to have my photos from Grandma’s Marathon showing my shiny new smile!

I was nervous about swim class last night, given how I’ve been feeling, but it turned out to be a great way to get exercise.  I was winded more quickly than usual, but the water definitely takes some of the stress off of my body.  I have to remember when a flare is going on, to go swimming, as at least that will be some exercise to help the symptoms eventually subside.

I’m getting excited about Saturday.  It’s going to be great fun to do the Get Lucky 7k with Sean again this year, and I am looking forward to my Tour of the Lakes run home from the race to get to 17 miles for the training day!


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