It’s good to be back…

Oh, dreamers, it feels so good to be clawing my way back up and out of the darkness.

With the time change, here in Minnesota, we received another gift – warm temperatures, including record-setting temps for this time of the year!

I took advantage of it last night after work and went out to run hills for 30 minutes.  If I cross Xerxes, I can use Upton, Vincent, and Washburn between 46th & 47th Streets and run up and down to my heart’s content.  I hate hills, but I know I need to start working with them, not against them.  The treadmill’s “hill” setting is but a weak facsimile of actual hills.

I managed to get 2.24 miles done at 1 min run/1 min walk intervals in 30 minutes.  Not as much as I can do on the treadmill, but these hills are fiercer than the ones I use on the ‘mill.

I didn’t care – I was just so happy to be out in the sun, pushing my body through its paces.  I feel a lot more comfortable tackling the 17-mile day tomorrow, as I’m definitely feeling better.

Last weekend, Mel took my car over and got it a car wash so I could deck it out with some items I’ve long meant to put on my car.

Sorry for the blurry cell phone shot.  I finally got my 13.1 magnet on the car, along with my doggie magnets.  There’s a conspicuous hole on the right, above my “Who rescued who?” magnet (which I think should say “Who rescued whom?” but whatever…).  That conspicuous hole will house a 26.2 magnet after June 16!  I can’t wait to put that one on the car!  The blue thing in the middle top near the windshield is my Fulton Farmer’s Market magnet.  Oh, and I finally got my Twins license plate holder on the car too!

Obligatory Jetta photos – we took her to have portraits taken this past weekend. Lisa, the photographer, is doing a fundraiser for a local rescue organization, and we definitely wanted to help.  For our donation, in addition to the session with the photographer, we get a free 5×7. We are going over to see all the photos on Monday.  Here are the two she posted to Facebook yesterday.  Our Jetta’s a beautiful girl!

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2 Responses to It’s good to be back…

  1. Manda says:

    Oh, she IS a beautiful girl! Wish you could have heard me cooing to the computer screen :)

    I also enjoyed three fabulous runs in the past week. Normally I walk a bit just to recover, but this week I had to walk just to soak it all in. So, so gorgeous.

    And where did you get those magnets? I MUST have a rescue magnet on my car!

    Finally, if you understand this who vs. whom thing, I would love your help on the matter. I know it has something to do with cases but I’ve never been able to grasp it.

    So excited for girl’s night! Miss you!

  2. Kat says:

    I am in LOVE with that snap of Jetta! How gorgeous – and what a talented photographer.


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