It’s as much a mental game as a physical one.

Thanks to Iron Girl on Facebook, I just found out about a seminar being offered as a live call on March 14.  It’s $18 to sign up, and I wanted to mention this in case anyone out there reading was interested.  If you can’t make the live call, they will be recording it, and anyone who purchased entry to the event will be able to download the recording for later listening.

It’s called Replacing Pre-Race Nerves With Deep Self-Belief, and it’s offered by Kirsten Lewis, an expert in the mental game of athletics, particularly endurance athletics.  I definitely could use some help with calming the excited nerves before a race.

I’m planning to sign up, and will post about it once the event happens!  If there’s one thing I learned from my half-marathons and my duathlon last year, it’s that the mental aspect to endurance events is as important as the physical one.  I spend a lot of time working on physical conditioning to be able to handle distances in the allowed timeframe, so I want to work on mental conditioning as well.  It should be interesting!

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