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The 11 Things that are flying around the blog world has found me!  I’m behind in posting this, and I’m not going to tag anyone, since everyone’s likely been tagged.  But, here are some interesting tidbits of info.

11 Things About Me, by Kelly B., age 37:

  1. I won the Maine state spelling bee in 1987, when I was 12.  I competed in the National Spelling Bee that same year.  I lost in the 3rd round.
  2. My first car was a 1986 Ford Mustang LX, and I bought it when I was 17.  What a taste of freedom for a small-town girl who had a non-driving parent…
  3. When I’m looking for a kitchen implement, I make a hand motion like what I’m looking for.  For tongs, I put my fingers and thumb together, as if to grab something.  If looking for the ice cream scoop, I make the scoop motion.
  4. For the last few weeks, I’ve been bringing the same lunch and snacks to work every day: a huge salad with all sorts of veggies, chickpeas, cottage cheese, and dressing; 2 multigrain crackers w/ 1 laughing cow wedge, 1 apple sliced, and 1 blueberry Chobani.  I still look forward to lunch in an almost cray-cray way.  I love my big jumbled up salads and it’s great to be eating veggies regularly.  I’m not sick of my same-every-day food.  I am trying to mix up dinner recipes, though, for obvious reasons (tastes, variety of nutrients, husband would mutiny, etc.)
  5. I loved matchbox cars, legos, and making mud pies more than barbies or dressing up as a princess.  As an adult, I love getting all dressed up to go out, but I’ll always be a tomboy at heart.
  6. I don’t mind getting all sweaty during exercise.  It makes me feel like I’m working at something hard enough.
  7. I don’t have very highbrow tastes in movies.  I love what I call Big Dumb Fun comedies, and I love chick flicks.  I do like good films, but I usually want to put something on as background, so comedies and chick flicks work perfectly for that purpose.
  8. I much prefer working on ad-hoc projects that have a defined deadline than I do the usual finance/accounting tasks of month-end/quarter-end/year-end close.
  9. I am still an active member of a couple of BBSes.  A BBS (bulletin board system) is like a text-based web forums, and it’s where I and a bunch of other people have been hanging out on the internets since the early-to-mid 90s.  We were all in high school/college when we started hanging out there, and now we have kids and grandkids and have been married and divorced and lost parents.  We’ve known each other for 20 years, which keeps us coming back.
  10. I am a salt fanatic.  I recently switched to Spike as a salt substitute.  I think I finally figured out why I pour salt on nearly everything.  I have come to realize that I have a very insensitive nose.  I don’t smell things in the ways other people do.  (That turns out to be an asset when I feed Sean cabbage for dinner 😉 ).  And now that I know that, I suspect that my sense of taste is also lagging behind everyone else’s, and that is probably why I pour salt on things.
  11. I love to read science fiction books but not fantasy.  My preference is for time travel or space opera.  I don’t like vampires or werewolves or fantasy/magic books, generally.

Making over Merbear tagged me, and so did Foodalyst.  I’ll answer both sets of questions.

Mer’s questions:

1. What is your main reason for living a healthy lifestyle?

I watched my mother pass away from complications related to diabetes.  Losing weight to get to a healthier range was critical so that I don’t leave my family any earlier than I have to.  But I also feel better when I eat healthier foods (I don’t have anything that’s off limits, but I do try to practice moderation on triggers), and those healthier foods are definitely fuel for my running, cycling, and swimming workouts!

2. What would you say is your “go to” quick emergency snack?

A Babybel light cheese wheel.  Enough protein and fat to tide me over, but not a lot of calorie overload.

3. What is your favorite exercise and why?

I love racewalking.  I don’t do it like I used to – I was routinely walking 11:15/mi pace and once did a 10:30 mile on a drizzly day.  Now I am lucky to do 14:30/mi pace, but I try to racewalk my walking intervals.

4. Why do you blog?

I blog mainly for myself.  I love being able to look back and see what I was doing or thinking a few weeks, months, or years ago.  That anyone else reads is gravy, and I love knowing that people are reading, even if it’s only a few.

5. Dogs? Cats? Both? Neither?

I grew up with cats (my mother was very, very afraid of dogs, all dogs), but now that I have a dog, I’m a dog person.  I’m so glad we adopted Jetta last year!  I can’t wait till I feel like I can handle 2 dogs by myself, so that we can rescue another doggie and Jetta will be in a place to be a good doggie role model. :)

6. Have you “given up” any foods for healthiness reasons? Will you ever have it again? Why?

As I said above, I don’t have anything off limits in my eating plan.  I just need to moderate things like french fries or potatoes.  I tend not to order them these days, because I’ve found other things I crave more, but I don’t actively avoid them, as much as make different choices now.

7. Are you doing or have you or are you considering a paid-for weight loss program? Which one? Why do you do it or how did it help you? If not, what are you doing on your own?

I have never paid for a weight-loss program. I lost 67 lbs. in 2004-2005 by sticking to 1200 calories a day and working out 4-5 times a week (racewalking).   Each time I have gained and lost the same 20 lbs., it’s been by moderating calorie intake and regular exercise.  However, I would likely turn to Weight Watchers if I can’t find success on my own for these last 20-25 lbs.

The problem I struggle with is that I don’t have a well-defined “full” sensor.  Other people eat till they get full.  I don’t register full very well, so I can way overeat.  That’s why I measure out cereal or portions of snack foods. I am bad at estimating portion sizes and don’t have a good “I’m full” switch.

8. Tell me about a dream vacation, one you’ve been on or one you’d like to go on.

My dream vacation would be 2 weeks in Australia and New Zealand.  We met a lovely couple from NZ at Oshkosh last year and have an open invitation to stay with them while we are there.  And Sean has relatives in Australia.

9. What do you use to blog mainly? Mac? PC? iPad? Phone? and where do you find yourself when you are blogging…desk, couch, coffee shop, bed, kitchen table?

I am usually sitting on my sofa on my MacBook Pro.

10. Introvert (recharge with alone time) or extravert (get energy from people)?

Both!  I test nearly even on the E/I scale.  I get energy from people, but I need my recharge time with close friends/family.   I have developed a case of social anxiety I never used to have.  Once I get out the door, I am usually fine, but I have a hard time getting out the door.  Especially if I am likely to know few people wherever I’m going.  I’m working on it though.

11. What is your favorite quote that keeps you motivated?

Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over. ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ruby Leigh’s questions:

1.  Do you think those personality tests have validity, or is it racket?

I think that it can help people hone in on strengths.  But I don’t put all of my stock in it… sometimes it can be like a horoscope – people read into it what they want to see.  That said, it can be interesting to think about the results.

2.  Are you an audio-book reader? Why or Why not?

I tried listening to them in the car… and my mind wanders too much.  With music, I am engaged.  With audiobooks, my mind wanders too much and then I have to rewind to catch what I missed and, argh.

3.  Do you have a favorite protein?

I love chicken, but it has to have all the fat cut off and I prefer it pounded flat and grilled.  I usually can’t eat reheated cooked chicken unless it has a lot of sauce, like BBQ sauce on it.  That’s one of the unfortunate side effects of my recovering vegetarianism – I am even pickier about meat quality than I was beforehand, and that’s saying a lot.

4.  Half-Priced-Books?  Yes or No

Love HPB!  A great way to find things I haven’t read or things I gave away and wouldn’t mind having again.  Found a great knitting book with a 1975 afghan pattern cut out of the paper or a magazine in it.

5.  Are you a numbers person?

Yes and no, which sounds funny for an accountant/financial analyst to say.  I am a language person by nature.  But I stumbled into accounting and finance and found that I could work harder and figure out the numbers stuff. 

6.  Pick One. Arranged Marriage or Permanent state of singlehood

Permanent state of singlehood.  I’d rather be happy by myself than have to get married to someone chosen for me.

7.  If you could do any job – what would it be? (money or market don’t matter)

I would be an academic business librarian.  I have the MBA – just need the MLIS and for the field to lose the glut of librarians for whom there are not enough jobs.

8.  How long can you hold your breath?

5 or 6 seconds.  As I work on my swim lessons and practices, I hope to increase that. :)

9.  Do you speak (or sort of speak) any foreign languages ?

I was relatively fluent in French coming out of 4 years of high school French.  I don’t remember much of it anymore.

10.  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life – what would it be? (assume nutrition is irrelevant here)

Peanut butter.  All day every day.  Awwww yeah.

11.  Do you hate the dentist?

No!  I had a bad dental experience as a child, and, as a result, I didn’t even go to the dentist for regular checkups/cleanings for 14 years.  I finally went after I met Sean, and that dentist was amazed I hadn’t been to a dentist in 14 years.  I had some plaque buildup, but she said I had incredibly strong teeth.  I’ve never had a cavity.  My new dentist here in Mpls is wonderful.  I had to go have a tooth pulled before I got braces.  I’d never had any sort of dental work beyond cleanings and sealants done, so I was terrified.  They were very sensitive to that and made sure everything was good and ready.  So now I am not scared of the dentist.  I should have my braces off within the next 3-4 months, hopefully.  So ready to face life with straighter teeth!

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40, living in Minneapolis, working as a financial analyst in state government, trying to live a healthier life, very fortunate.
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3 Responses to Tag, I’m it!

  1. Kat says:

    PLEASE tell me you have been to the Spelling Bee at the 331 club. They host it twice a month on Saturdays and for $6 you get a free drink and entry. Every round you spell a word correctly, they give you another free drink. It’s hysterical – you should definitely round up some friends and do it sometime.

  2. Manda says:

    I loved this post on so many levels:
    I will totally come do the spelling bee with you that Kat mentioned.
    I love that you talk kitchen implement with your hands.
    I’m jealous of your lunches.
    Yay for being a tomboy, loving to sweat, and PEANUT BUTTER! Yea is right!
    LOVE your favorite quote.
    We need to visit soon :)

  3. Kellybee says:

    I hadn’t heard about this spelling bee, but I clearly must go participate! :)

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