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Shrinkvivor 2011, Tribe Purple!

Hooray, it has begun!  2011 Shrinkvivor!  I am a member of Tribe Purple, with six other fantastic women, and I am looking forward to all the fun over the next 7 weeks! I had my starting weigh-in this morning… here … Continue reading

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It’s Tuesday.  I have a half-marathon on Sunday.  I haven’t had a cold or sinus issues since February 2010.  More than a year and a half.  So imagine my surprise when I felt the tell-tale pressure of an impending sore … Continue reading

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help is not a four-letter word…

In the last couple of weeks, I have witnessed several situations where friends of mine have asked for help for various things.  It has made me start thinking about something I’ve been putting off, and now I am relieved to say … Continue reading

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Shrinkvivor, here I come!

I have been reading a lot lately in friends’ blog entries about accountability and honesty, and how hard it is to be accountable and honest — not to friends or family or the blog world, but to oneself. So, this … Continue reading

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Short strides and spinning

I fully intended to write an interim post before the weekend, but now even the weekend’s gotten away from me! I finally had the chance to check out the Wednesday Food Truck Court in St. Paul last Wednesday with my … Continue reading

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Run, Walk, Run, Fly, Run!

We had a houseguest staying with us fron Tuesday through Thursday last week, so we took him to one of our favorite restaurants, Pizzeria Lola.  It’s one block east and 8 blocks south of our house, and it’s generally very … Continue reading

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Enough is enough.

I responded to a tweet about the struggle to rein in one’s eating after a weekend of indulging with the following: “Me too! I’ve just been drinking water like crazy & reminding myself that I’ve had *enough* food today.  It’s … Continue reading

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Victorious, indeed!

What a wonderful long weekend!  It is hard to say goodbye to summer.  It seems as if the weekend brought darker mornings in which to walk the dog and get ready for work and chillier morning temperatures.  I love fall, … Continue reading

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Run through the gears

I tweeted this morning: “In the car driving to work… Just want to keep on driving…” It was around 9 am.  I had an 8 am orthodontist appointment in Eden Prairie, so I drove 494E to 5E to 35E-N.  The … Continue reading

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