Tentative steps…

I have spent the past few weeks nursing a groin injury.  I first noticed the problem about 3 weeks out from my 10K race on 1/1/11, and it definitely flared up during the race, impacting my time.  I tried running in the middle of January, but I could feel the pain, so I decided to give it some rest.

As it turns out, rest from running became rest from all exercise, and it’s cold in Minnesota, so it’s all too easy to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.  I, of course, stopped tracking my eating, too, though I tried to be mindful of what I was eating.

I started a new job 2 weeks ago, and my parking lot is 15 minutes walk away from my building.  Last week, I decided I had to go up and down the stairs during the day for meetings or a refresh of my cup of tea, so that gives me a little activity. And I get 30 minutes of built-in activity at the beginning and end of my workday. Bonus!

And this week, I got up yesterday and today at 5:30 am and got in 30 min of workout (bike on the trainer on Monday, and today was my first run/walk test on the treadmill!). I’m pleased to say that my jog/walk workout this morning was a success.  I jogged for 5 min and walked for 5 min, 3 times.  I didn’t feel my groin muscle complaining, so I think I will be doing the intervals for a while.  I have time – it’s 18 weeks and 5 days till the Minneapolis Half-Marathon.  I learned from my 5k training that slow and steady increases in miles yielded success for me.  I spent 28 weeks building up from zero activity to a 5k race… and then spent 12 weeks going from 5k to 10k.  That was clearly not enough time.  So, now I go back to where I was at the end of 5k training and start building up slowly to half-marathon pace.

All in all, I’m optimistic that I can finish the HM this June.  On my non-running days, I’m hoping to build up my bicycling time so that I can do my best in the duathlon in August, where I will need to run 3.1 miles, bike 18 miles, and run 3.1 miles.  At least if my butt is used to being in the seat, it’ll help when it’s warmer and I start riding outside.

I’m cooking at home more, and taking my lunch to work.  It’s more affordable and better for me, since I am more likely to track calories when I made the food!  I’m also going to be attending a seminar at Kitchenwerks, which I found out about when I was reading this post by Jen at Prior Fat Girl.  The discount code she mentions expired on February 5, but it looks like a fantastic seminar, and well worth full price!  I definitely need more ways to incorporate veggies into my diet (don’t we all?).  As of this morning, there were 7 spots left for the class on February 19…. and there are other classes available!

That’s about all the news from here… slowly hopeful that I can run again regularly.  If I can do that, I also need to work in regular strength training 2x/week.  That’s my next project where my fitness is concerned.

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