Hello November!

I’m not sure where the time is going, honestly.  I’m 45 days away from my next race, the Polar Dash 10K (if they ever open registration for it).  This past weekend, I finally reached another milestone – 31 pounds gone since January 1.  That means I have roughly 5 pounds to go to be in a normal BMI range, and 11.6 pounds left to get to my first goal.  I didn’t make my time goal – originally, I wanted to hit 147 lbs on 9/7/2010, the 3-year anniversary of meeting Sean.  But now I realize that it’s the journey that matters, and how long it takes doesn’t matter.  It’s that it happens at all that matters. :)

Sean is now a private pilot!  He had his FAA practical test on Monday, a grueling nearly 6-hour exam, with 2 hours of oral exam questions, and then hours of flying the plane with the examiner as the passenger.  I’m so very proud of him, and we have our first “air date” scheduled on Saturday, weather permitting.  I have watched him takeoff and land at Crystal Airport, but never been in the plane with him!   I am very excited.  He’s planning on going on immediately to start working on his instrument rating, which allows him to fly in different weather conditions than his current rating (visual).

Running is going well.  I can now run 45-60 minutes at 12:30-13:00/mi pace.  I’m not fast, but I can put in the time/mileage.  I ran my first 5-milers these last couple of weeks, and I am really excited for my first 6-miler this coming Sunday.  That’s within shouting distance of the 10K distance! It feels pretty awesome to run 5 miles or just run 45 minutes in a regular workout.  Rowing has been derailed slightly, but I should be able to get that back on track. 

We still love our house.  It feels cozy, and homey, and we experienced our first snowstorm last weekend.  Shoveling front walk, sidewalks, etc, is new to me.  But we got a spiffy snowblower, for when we get dumped on.  I ordered a 7.5′ tall multi-color LED-lit Christmas tree and a new tree skirt.  I can’t wait to get photos of the Christmas tree in the front window.

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  1. Sean B says:

    Looking forward to New Year’s!

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