Race Report – Runway 5k, Oshkosh, WI

I completed my first 5k!  My goal was to finish the race in at least 40 minutes.  I ended up coming in at 37:03!!  I couldn’t be happier.

I ended up going with 5 minutes running/1 minute racewalking intervals, which worked well. I came in 319th out of 431st.

It was a perfect first 5k.  It was warm, and quite humid, but the adrenaline of the race definitely took over.  We didn’t realize that the race course started on the “North 40” where the airplane camping is, so we had a walk of at least a mile to get to the start/finish line from our campsite.  Fortunately, we had enough time, and I considered the walk to be my warmup and cooldown!

Here were my intervals:

5:00 running – 0.47 mi, 10:45/mi pace
1:00 racewalking – 0.07 mi, 13:38/mi pace
5:00 running – 0.42 mi, 11:47/mi pace
1:00 racewalking – 0.07 mi, 13:44/mi pace
5:00 running – 0.42 mi, 11:57.mi pace
1:00 racewalking – 0.07 mi, 14:20/mi pace
5:00 running – 0.42 mi, 12:01/mi pace
1:00 racewalking – 0.07 mi, 14:13/mi pace
5:00 running – 0.42 mi, 12:02/mi pace
1:00 running – 0.09 mi, 11:17/mi pace (this was scheduled racewalking, but I was in sight of the finish line and kept running)
1:03 running – 0.09 mi, 11:57/mi pace

Sean was there, taking photos, so I’ll have photos to put up here once he’s gotten them off the camera.  It was awesome, and I will definitely do more 5k races!

Also, we spent the day wandering around the air show, and it was a lot of fun.  We came home last night because Sean has a cold, which I now seem to have, but I’m so glad we went!

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