Wk 20 Recap

Week 20 is done! (in fact, I started week 21 this morning!)

4 weeks from now, I will be starting the month of weeks where all I do in my workouts is jog.  It’s amazing to be so close to that threshhold.  I know this has taken a long time, but I feel like I structured this all perfectly.   This next set of 4 weeks, I’m working my way from 6 minutes racewalking/24 minutes jogging in the workout to 2 minutes racewalking/28 minutes jogging in the workout.  I feel like I’m slowing down in terms of my jogging pace the longer I go, but at the same time, even my slow, slow, slow jogging pace is faster than I was walking, so I’m still feeling like I can pull off 40 minutes for the 5k.  We’ll see what happens as I get into the weeks of all jogging. 

I had a good week with strength training.  It was my second week of the new program, and I definitely feel like doing the strength training is going to make me stronger in the long run. And it’s good to finally be really working my arms. :)

Here’s the Week 20 recap:

Weekly walking: 0 minutes
Weekly racewalking warmup/cooldown:  30 minutes
Weekly racewalking: 18 minutes
Weekly jogging: 72 minutes
Weekly miles: 9.33 miles

Weekly rowing: 0 minutes
Weekly rowing meters: 0

Weekly bicycling: 0 minutes
Weekly bicycling miles: 0

Cumulative walking: 1,297.5 minutes
Cumulative racewalking: 525.5 minutes
Cumulative jogging: 626.5 minutes
Cumulative miles: 166.88 (since 3/8/10)

Cumulative rowing: 754.38 minutes
Cumulative rowing meters: 132,645 (82.42 miles) (since 3/16/10)

Cumulative bicycling: 128 minutes
Cumulative bicycling miles: 22.29 miles  (since 5/24/10)

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