I don’t always fear change…

I just read a post by Jen, at Prior Fat Girl. In it, she talks about how she’s started things on her blog and stopped doing them over time.  She says that she’s not a quitter.  And I believe her.

Like Jen, I have started and stopped a lot of things in this journey to healthier living.  For a while, I was doing EA Active Sports on the Wii.  I was getting up at 5 am and doing 60 minutes of workouts.  They kicked my butt, and I made it through 28 days of the 30-day challenge before I got sick and spent a month recovering, back in February.

Someday, I’ll get back to them as a part of my cross training, but when I resurfaced in March, I was filled with a desire to train for a 5k.  So, that’s what I embarked on.  It’s making me happier to work out at lunch here at work than to get up at 5 am and workout on the Wii.

But I’m not a quitter.  I found something else that meets my needs better.  Any of us who are on this journey to improve ourselves and our health are not quitters.

Below is the comment I posted on her entry, and I wanted to post it here so that I could easily find it again.

“It can be hard, in our Type-A personality, go-go-go, results-oriented, slightly obsessed society, to switch from one thing to another, or to stop doing something that isn’t working for us (or even to just determine that something isn’t working for us) because there’s a stigma of being a “quitter.”

www.m-w.com defines a quitter as “one who quits, one who gives up too easily.”

We (general we, societal we) tend to label people as quitters, when it’s not true. Deciding that something isn’t working for you isn’t giving up too easily. In fact, I’d argue that someone who decides something’s not working for him or her is doing the exact opposite. If you’ve decided something you started isn’t working, you’ve given it a fair shot and a lot of thought, and made your decision. Not giving up too easily at all!

People who call any of us quitters when we stop doing something we started are short-changing us, and minimizing all the things we are doing to make ourselves and our lives better.

Fortunately, we know the difference. And we recognize each other when we see each other. We’re the ones unafraid to try something new to see if it will work, and able to admit when something’s not working. We’re the ones taking risks, and taking back control of our lives and our health, little by little.”

Like Jen, I am proud to stand up and tell you I am not a quitter.  I am someone who’s looking to do what works for me.  We all owe ourselves that, I would think.

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