I do other things besides obsess over jogging and moving!

This blog, taken over by jogging and exercise and packing to move and new houses started a while ago as a knitting blog over at blogspot.com.

All the other things going on in my life mean that my knitting time has decreased severely.  I am working on a project that’s near and dear to my heart.  Here is a photo of its progress.  (I’m delierately being vague because the recipient of this project might read that it’s for them on Facebook on a cross-post!):

It’s a diagonal garter-stitch square, with stitches picked up in a contrasting color along the edges for a feather-and-fan pattern.  I’ve been working on this blanket (including a total rip-out-and-redo) since Christmas.  I’m making good progress now, which helps.

There’s a weekly-ish craft night that I’m going to now, and it’s nice to have dedicated knitting time in the middle of the packing and sorting and things.

I’m finding myself wishing Tuesdays and Thursdays were jogging workout days.  I know I need the rest from jogging right now, so I should really start doing core training over lunch at work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Get a workout in, but a different workout!  Maybe next week I can give that a try!

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40, living in Minneapolis, working as a financial analyst in state government, trying to live a healthier life, very fortunate.
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